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Ciron Rubber does more...

Ciron Rubber is a leading supplier of plastic panels, rubber seals, and molded products. Whether you need a standard truck door
seals to window gasket, we have the capabilities you require. Our certified manufacturing facilities feature transfer, compression
and liquid injection molding.

No job is too small.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with our customers and be flexible to their quantity needs.

Take a look at our product listing and services:

Plastic products range from
high performance truck
panels and vinyl seals to
custom extrusion solutions.

Profiles include dual
durometer applications.



Our line of rubber extrusions
range from  standard truck
door seals to your custom
designed profiles.

We also have rubber
molding capabilities for
manufacturing custom
molded parts like
rubber bumpers, rubber
grommets, and o-rings.




Ciron Rubber provides
world-class molded
rubber and plastic products.  
We assist with design and
choosing the proper

Once a part is qualified, our
extensive partnerships help
customers benefit from
world class pricing


Foam products range from
foam mounting
tapes and gaskets to custom
cut padding
and cushions.

We also specialize in
weather-stripping with
self-adhesive backing and
custom die cutting.  We
provide our weatherstripping
in a variety of materials to
provide the best performing,
least expensive seal


We provide full service
sourcing offering seamless
integration of your company
into the Asian marketplace.  

Take advantage of the low
costs of China and improve
your bottom line.  Direct
shipment or warehouse is