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Standard Materials
•        EPDM
•        Neoprene
•        Silicone
•        Vyram
•        Viton

Typical Applications
•        Window Seals
•        Gaskets
•        Bumpers
•        Panel Seals
•        Edge Guards
•        Tubing

•        Co-Extrusion
•        Vulcanized Splices
•        Tube Bending
•        Foamed and Dense Profiles:

Plastic Products...

Ciron Rubber sheet products have been utilized by medium and heavy truck manufactures such as UPS and International for
over 25 years. A number of our Alloy Plastics can be found in a wide range of applications, from roll-up doors, swing doors, roll-
up shutter doors, walk ramps and side ramps for every size and model of truck and trailer. Our Plastics can support concerns
for fuel efficiency and environment through a reduction in vehicle weight for better fuel consumption. The thermoforming
process has manufacturing advantages as well, with its lower tooling costs and tighter tolerances when compared to

Like every Ciron Rubber and plastic product, they're extremely tough, functional, easy to install and easy to maintain